Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs)

ARF: At a glance

ARF: An Overview

An ARF is a personal retirement option which allows you to keep your money invested as a lump sum at retirement. From this lump sum, you can draw down money as you need it.

With a Wealth Options ARF you can manage and control your retirement fund. While content in the knowledge that you can withdraw as much of the fund as you wish at any given time, you have the ability to invest in whatever you chose (subject to Revenue rules).

Subject to Revenue’s minimum distribution rules, the ARF gives you the option to decide whether, or how much, you wish to draw from your retirement fund. You determine if, and/or where you would like your retirement funds invested and what you want to invest in.

A self-administered ARF is a tax exempt product approved by the Revenue Commissioners. It is designed for maturing personal pension policies, maturing company pension plans, maturing SSAPs and transfers from existing ARFs.


How does an ARF work?

In order to establish an ARF you must satisfy the AMRF criteria – to either have a guaranteed income for life of €12,700 or to place €63,500 of the ARF funds into an AMRF until age 75 or have used €63,500 to buy an annuity.

Wealth Options Ltd act as QFM to administer the ARF on your behalf and will take your instructions as to where you want to invest your money.

The ARF allows you to reinvest your pension fund and withdraw your money when required. Due to imputed distribution requirements introduced by the Finance Act, Wealth Options will deduct a minimum withdrawal of the value of the ARF annually. This withdrawal is deducted from your ARF and paid to you net of income tax, PRSI (if applicable), USC and any other taxes due at the time the withdrawals are made.

For A(M)RF Queries:

A(M)RF Distribution Department

What can I invest in?

Here are some examples of what investments which can be made by your ARF. These are not exhaustive lists but give you an indication of the flexibility and range of your investment choice under an ARF. With some of the investments there are specific Revenue rules which you can discuss with your financial broker.


Why choose a Wealth Options ARF?

We introduced our self-administered ARFs to cater for customers who want to control their own post retirement pension funds. With a Wealth Options self-administered ARF the client, with the help of their financial broker, can take complete control of their fund and can decide where they wish to invest their money.

We combine the strength and expertise of our professional team of pension and investment experts with our dedication for product innovation to enable financial brokers offer valuable financial solutions to their clients.

Innovation is at the heart of Wealth Options product design. We have established a reputation for introducing highly innovative and unique pension and investment products that offer real value, making us clear market leaders in the Irish financial industry. We have won numerous awards acknowledging our cutting edge innovative financial products.

It is the vast experience and knowledge of both our management and business development team that enabled us to become market leaders in the Irish Financial Industry. All of the principals are professionally qualified. All business development and administration team members are required to complete professional qualifications in order to ensure our teams have the knowledge and expertise to the highest quality of service to brokers.