Company Profile


Wealth Options Ltd is a unique company in the Irish Financial Services Sector and was established in December 2003. Essentially a wholesale distributor of financial products, Wealth Options source, package and promote a diverse range of product options exclusively to regulated intermediaries.

Wealth Options has established a reputation in the market place for introducing innovative pension and investment products. The company’s low cost base and innate market knowledge means that products are significantly better value than those manufactured by traditional life companies, banks and building societies.

Wealth Options Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


This site will give you details of our current product offerings and will introduce you to our team:

  • If you are a financial advisor then we would encourage you to click on the various sections of the site to learn more about how we can provide you with unique, market leading products. Remember also that, crucially, Wealth Options is not in competition with you. We are not brokers, never have been, never will be.
  • If you are a consumer of financial services in Ireland, we cannot deal with you directly. Wealth Options does not distribute products directly to the public. Our aim is to enhance the choices that you make in all areas of financial planning. We highly recommend that you get advice from an independent advisor before investing in financial products. If you do not have a financial advisor/broker then click on the ‘find a broker’ link above to find information regarding regulated advisors in your area.


Wealth Options are also members of the Irish Broker Association (IBA) and the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA).


Bollard Financial Services - A member of the Irish Brokers AssociationThe IBA is a representative body for brokers throughout Ireland. All member firms are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and abide by strict regulations such as the Consumer Protection Code. Member firms embrace strict standards of conduct, professionalism and practice. This is done to ensure that the service delivered to all clients is of the highest standard.


PIBA aims to provide members with a strong, well resourced association that firmly represents and protects their interests in every area that impacts on their business. PIBA work with regulatory authorities to ensure the protection of consumers interest in any compliance or regulatory changes.