Wealth Options is not, and never will be, a competitor to brokers. Our brokers are our clients. Our business development team have all had successful and rewarding careers in broker consultancy and they are all fully aware of the value of the services brokers provide.

We understand that brokers thrive on choice. We methodically analyse the financial market at all times to secure the most competitive terms available for our clients. We strive to introduce new and innovative products exclusively through the broker channel. Existing providers can be complacent and presumptuous. They ask brokers to recommend their products yet try to secure the same end customers through their own direct channels. Contrary to this, Wealth Options aim to redress this through its ‘Broker Only Model’. Our relationship is with you, the broker. Our marketing efforts will be targeted at you and not the end customer. We pride ourselves on providing you with the most innovative and competitive financial products in the market place.


Broker remuneration is a key issue for Wealth Options. We always believed in the notion of a “fair days pay, for a fair days work”. Wealth Options will not bring products to the Broker market that does not recognise the value of providing advice.

In addition, unlike some large, multinational corporations, we place strong emphasis on customer focus amongst our staff. We aim to develop strong client relationships through regular communication with our clients throughout the year.

Our business strategy is to focus on looking after our new and existing customers better than any other provider in the Irish market. Our team is constantly prepared to go the extra mile to deliver first-class, efficient and professional service to our clients.

Wealth Options Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.