Wealth Options have introduced an entirely new approach to the structured products market that has given brokers very significant competitive advantage.

Many brokers have held the view that structured products provide poor value for money and come with a lack of transparency that has put them firmly off their recommended product listings. We believe, along with investment experts, that structured products play an essential part in the portfolios of virtually all cautious investors. Before dismissing the notion then, ask yourself this question - What other products can offer your clients relatively short term vehicles (3-6 yrs), with full capital security, whilst also allowing the prospect of significant growth?

Remember that you can provide products with capital security of 100% and you can link the investment option to much more than a basket of stock market indices. Wealth Options has developed a process known as Bondbuilder, which allows you, the Broker, develop individualised products exclusively for your customers.

Bond Builder is a unique service from Wealth Options that allows you, the financial advisor, to provide bespoke investment products for your clients. This means that we can manufacture a plan specifically to meet the requirements of one or more individuals.

Our Central Bank authorisation allows us to ‘manufacture’ these types of products. We have sought out the very best deposit providers and options purchasers, gone directly to them and used buying power and a low cost base to get the best deals. Our partners are household names and some of the biggest financial firms in the world.

In addition, all documentation, commission payments, brochures, administrative back up and technical support are provided by Wealth Options.

We also endeavour to have an "off-the-shelf" product at any given time to suit your investing client's needs. Between us and the Advisor the level of charges being levied is typically 66% less than that being charged by the main banks, life companies, and building societies. That's a big difference and one which ensures that the client gets far better terms by dealing with their broker.

All Wealth Options structured products are backed by some of the largest and most successful institutions in the market. We have partnered with Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank and others to increase the product options available to the broker network.

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Wealth Options Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.